Jaime Gomez-Sanchez

About Jaime Gomez-Sanchez

Jaime GS has been in the beauty industry  as a hair stylist and colorist for more than 20 years. His passion for hair and beauty has made him an acclaimed hair stylist in South Florida, internationally and in his land of origin, Mexico.

Jaime’s  passion for the  fashion and beauty industry, had landed him opportunities to work with top fashion photographers and celebrities. In addition, his talent has been showcased at the 2011 Oscars. He has also worked as an image consultant and stylist for Telemundo TV.

Jaime continuously hones his craft to satisfy the demands of his local and International clientele.  A  master of his craft, Jaime and his team  keep up with the latest techniques and hair trends. They thrive by pushing boundaries with their innovative techniques.  He continues to succeed as an artist, stylist and image consultant in the Greater Miami area and internationally.

Our Philosophy

JGS Salon and our philosophy is to take care of the hair from within. from the hair bulb to the end of hair strand.

We believe in creating an environment where clients feel welcomed and comfortable, always putting our client’s individual needs first. Style is an individual choice and as hair specialists we understand the importance of cutting, coloring and styling for all lifestyles.

When you step into our Rene Furterer Treatment Atelier  at JGS Salon, you are about to be provided a personalized and comprehensive diagnosis of your hair and scalp condition. This in-depth examination is conducted using the Capilliscope, a patented diagnostic tool which scientifically determines which personalized hair care ritual is best for your hair. This method, developed by Rene Furterer, is applied each time from root to tip, harmoniously combining massages, brushing and customized hair treatments.